Why Isn’t Free Really Free??

Free checking. Free shipping. But is it really free?

By kncipat on July 31, 2018
Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images

I started to write about how you can get free guacamole today.  But it’s not really free.  In honor of national avocado day Chipotle is offering “free” guacamole.  There’s a catch.  There always is.  You have to order an entree.  And you have to buy your entree through their mobile app (or online).  Then, at checkout, you have to use the promo code Avocado.  There are always hoops to jump through.     Chipotle isn’t alone in offers like this.  While we’re not singling them out, they are the latest example.  Free checking.  Free shipping.  Free breakfast with your hotel stay.  We love the word free so much that there are websites dedicated to helping you navigate these free offers.  Bottom line:  be careful when you hear the word Free.  If I ever open a store and decide to celebrate some national holiday by offering something for free it will be exactly that….Free!  No catches….no survey to take….nothing to fill out….nothing to buy first……just walk in and get it for free.  Until then why not grab some guacamole (I do love it).

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