I’ve Heard Of Cats Stuck In Trees, But Cows?

Firefighters are known for performing rescues of cats stuck in trees, but this time it was a cow.

By DAVID on May 10, 2018
(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

You know how the story goes. “Help, 911, my cat is stuck in the tree and I need the fire department.” “Right away, ma’am!” Cue the siren, lots of chaos and drama, the ladder truck, and a cute “meow.” Cat is safe. Ok that was dramatic but still. This story starts with a cow stuck in a tree. Yeah, we’ll get to all your questions below.

The cow’s name is Dixie, and she had her little calf with her. She was out, roaming the field, when the farmer’s dogs started barking. Naturally wanting to see what the commotion was, the farmer looked out of his window towards where the dogs were barking. He walked out to find his cow stuck in the tree. No, Dixie didn’t climb the tree, she had simply become stuck as a result of two trees growing close together. She stuck her head in the gap, and couldn’t get back out.

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This is where the fire department comes into play. They had just wrapped up putting out a fire (since that’s really their main job) when they got the call. Here’s where they must have really gotten curious. They finished packing up their gear and got in the truck to the next location. Once they arrived to the farm, they saw the cow, very clearly stuck. Because of their previous odd rescue experience (we’ll get to that), they were able to come up with a plan. They think the cow probably had an itch and tried to use the tree as a sort of scratching post.

Dixie the “loveable cow” (as described) was apparently totally ok with people approaching her to help out. Because of how she was stuck, they had to grease her up and slide her out backwards. By the way, those same firefighters back in 2015 won some unique recognition. That recognition was for one of the more unusual fire rescue stories. The story in that case goes “Firefighters heard calls of ‘fire’ and ‘help’ from inside a burning house — and were surprised to find a pair of parrots, not people. The rescue was No. 2 on BirdChannel.com’s list of Top 10 news stories of 2015.” Must be a very interesting town. Check out more details on both stories here.

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