Jake Owen Stunned By Note From Rock Icon

By kncitom on January 8, 2020
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Many artists are still, at the end of the day, fans, too…fans of the artists who inspired them to pursue music. And for Jake Owen, one of those artists was John Mellencamp. In the late 70s through much of the 80s, Mellencamp was one of music’s most high-profile singer/songwriters, with classic, iconic songs like Small Town, Pink Houses and Jack and Diane. 

In 2018, Jake Owen paid homage to that last one by recording I Was Jack, You Were Diane, which became a number one song for him. Owen didn’t write the song ( David Ray, Tommy Cecil, Jody Stevens and Craig Wiseman did) but said he had to record it because of the nostalgia it evoked and because he was such a fan of Mellencamp growing up.


So imagine Jake’s surprise when he got the following in the mail, especially since Mellencamp, who is still recording new music (and some of it is just as great as its always been) isn’t known to be a very warm, fuzzy kind of guy. Nice going Jake!


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