Jake Owen’s Twitter Tiff Could Pay Off Big For Charity

By kncitom on May 25, 2018

Jake Owen got into a twitter tiff with a guy yesterday over his golf game and Jake’s charities could come out the winner.

Jake is currently playing in a pro golf tournament in Nashville, the Web.com Nashville Open.

Now, Jake’s no duffer…he played golf in college and still plays a ton.

But yesterday, his front nine didn’t go so well (he was 10 over) and that prompted a golf fan named Doug Walker to call out Jake for taking a spot that could’ve gone to a “real” pro golfer, which Jake clapped back at in the following tweet.

To his credit…this Doug guy replied, with an offer Jake couldn’t refuse

And THAT kicked off a slew of similar pledges from Jake’s fans…$30 per birdie….$50… $200…one guy pitched in 5k per!

Jake’s buddy Jordan Spieth even weighed in with some advice… (to see it just click Jake’s tweet below)

Starting today, Jake is 14 over…150th out of 150 golfers. So he’s probably not gonna make the cut. BUT, all he’s gotta do is knock a few birdies in and he’s gonna make his charity some money.

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