Jameson Rodgers: “People Crave Real” From Their Country Music

He’s been taking notes while on tour with Luke Combs

By kncitom on October 27, 2019

Up-and-coming country artist Jameson Rodgers has been touring lately with Luke Combs, one of the hottest new acts country music has seen in years, and Morgan Wallen, who is also ascending right now at a pretty good clip. During their tour stop Saturday night in Sacramento, Jameson came out our KNCI booth to warm up because, as he told us, it was “like an ice box” inside the Golden 1 Center.  

While Jameson was thawing out, we struck up a quick conversation, and asked him if he stands in the wings at each show and takes notes.

“Oh God yeah, you have to take notes. You’d be dumb to be on a tour like this and not take notes from somebody like Luke and Morgan.”

Jameson points out that they’ve “done all the stuff I’m doing right now” so he tries to pay attention and “take it one step at a time”.

But what is it about Luke Combs in particular that has made him blow up so quickly on the country music scene? It’s not every decade an artist comes and have their first six songs go to #1. In fact, that’s a new record in country music. So what is it about Luke, exactly? 

“Man, I think people crave ‘real'” Jameson said. “You know what I mean? I think people are just-they’re attracted to artists that are real, and Luke has proven to me that you can be yourself and it can work.”

See the whole interview with (a considerably warmed up) Jameson, below

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