Jana Kramer Reveals How Pregnancy Has Helped “Save” Her Marriage

After announcing her new pregnancy, Jana Kramer has revealed how preparing for the new baby has helped strengthen her marriage.

By NathanG on August 10, 2018
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Jana Kramer and her husband, Michael Caussin, have had their share of marital struggles and challenges. From tragic miscarriages, to addictions and infidelity, the couple has been open and honest about the hardships they have overcome, and how they have attempted to rebuild their relationship. With the recent announcement that Kramer and Caussin are expecting their second child later this year, Kramer has shared just how much the preparation for their new baby has brought the family closer together.

According to People, Kramer explained that, “Babies and having other kids don’t save a marriage, but for us, this baby truly has been a savior for us in a way that we’ve really done our work and gotten dirty.” With this new child, Kramer has expressed how important it is that the home environment is stable and the family is strong and together. “We’re bringing a child into this world [so] we have to be there for each other and continue to do our own recovery work for him and me and be in a place where we’re bringing [our son] into the best environment possible,” Kramer added.

In an interview with US Weekly, Jana Kramer also revealed how her husband, Michael Caussin, is helping out during the pregnancy. Kramer recounted how Caussin had called a babysitter to watch their 2 year old daughter, while the two of them went out to have dinner and get massages. “He’s remembering that we still need that, too,” Kramer said.

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