Jason Aldean Reflects On His Return To Vegas

By kncitom on April 17, 2018
(Photo By: Rick Diamond / Getty Images)

Pat and Tom

It’s been a big week for Jason Aldean. His latest album, Rear View Town, was released last Friday (I’ve listened to it and literally every song could be a hit –tom), Sunday he was named Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards and, it was also his first time back in Las Vegas since the Route 91 Festival shootings in October, which started while Jason was onstage.

We had a chance to speak to Jason on our show this week and one of the things we wanted to know was whether it’s helped to discuss the events of that horrible day after not talking about them publicly for the past six months…or would he rather just leave it behind him?

“It’s not something I like talking about” he admitted (but then again, who would?) “I mean, obviously going back to Vegas, and the ACMs being there, it was inevitable that I was gonna have to talk about it. You know, it was a tough deal and not something I choose to re-live over and over.  I felt like this ACM was a good chance to put some closure on everything and us winning Entertainer of the Year was really cool for that reason and hopefully (it brings) some closure to the whole thing.”

One thing Jason has been diligent about in the aftermath is visiting those who were injured that day, especially those that are still hospitalized. Partially, he says, because it helps him.

“For me, it’s easier to talk to them, or my band, or my wife, people who were there and kinda…get it.”

A much happier thing for Jason to talk about..? His new baby boy, Memphis.

“I have two older daughters, one’s 15 and one’s 10…and I love bein’ a dad to girls, don’t get me wrong, but you know, havin’ a boy, it’s cool,” even though, Jason says, “Right now he doesn’t do a whole lot, he just kinda lays around and eats…he’s gettin’ big. He’s 4 1/2 months old and weighs about 17 pounds”

And since Jason was a baseball player growing up, we had to ask if he’s gotten Memphis a mitt yet.

“Not yet…I’m tryin’ to wait and see if he’s gonna be a righty or a leftie!”

How does Jason choose songs for a new album? And, totally rando, does Jason, being the outdoorsman that he is….believe in Bigfoot? Huh? Yep, we worked that in there too. Just click below to hear our interview, which starts with him answering our question about how he celebrated his first ACM Entertainer of the Year win (apparently, it wasn’t pretty).




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