Jennifer Nettles Of Sugarland Releases Cookbook

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles dropped a cookbook just in time for the holidays! She collaborated with her mom to curate the recipes.

By Admin on November 21, 2018
jennifer nettles
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Wondering what to make for your upcoming holiday dinners? Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles has you covered!

The singer released her very own cookbook, Sweet, Savory & Simple, which she co-wrote with her mom. Because she grew up in Georgia, you know that this book is going to be filled with some great southern recipes. 

Nettles further hopes that sharing these dishes can be a way to connect on a new level with her fans. Trying the foods that she grew up eating is certainly a great way to share an experience.

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“Food, much like music, is a memory maker,” Nettles told PopCulture. “When we go to places, we have things that are soundtracks… there is music that is a soundtrack to our lives, so when we hear a certain song, it’s transported. It takes us back to a different place and time in our lives.”

The cookbook is on sale on Sugarland’s website HERE. (Also… you absolutely need to check out the adorable picture of a young Nettles on the cover.)

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