Jimmy Wayne To Co-Star In Lifetime Movie! (Video)

By kncipat on September 27, 2018
Photo by Pat and Tom/KNCI

It’s so cool that our buddy Jimmy Wayne will be in a movie!  Jimmy will make his acting debut in “Every Other Holiday,” November 23rd on the Lifetime channel.  And get this.  The movie also stars Dee Wallace who played the mom in “E.T.”

When Jimmy was here to help host Golf and Guitars in May he hinted that he had something in the works that might be his acting debut.  Well, here it comes. According to popculture.com Jimmy plays a possible love interest of one of the main characters named Tracie.  Tracie has 2 daughters who very much want their mom to get back to together with her estranged husband.

Was he nervous?  Jimmy says, “This was my first time, so YES! But the cast made it really comfortable for me.”

Eonline.com lists “Every Other Holiday,” as one of the holiday movies you should see.   Does Jimmy sing in this movie?  Not sure.  We’ll all have to tune in and see.  It airs Friday, November 23rd at 10pm on Lifetime.  So happy for you Jimmy Wayne!

Here’s Jimmy’s smash, “Do You Believe Me Now,” that spent three weeks at Number 1!

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