John Carter Cash Comments On Current Country Music

John Carter Cash, son of Johnny Cash and June Carter, opened up on today’s country music and what the genre means to him.

By Admin on July 10, 2018
john carter cash
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

John Carter Cash, son of Johnny Cash and June Carter, is certainly no stranger to country music. It lives on in his parents’ legacies and his own, as well.

Speaking on the state of country music today, Carter Cash said that it certainly falls into a more broad category; it bends genres. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

“It’s just national,” he said. “A lot of it — I wouldn’t say all of it because you can’t generalize it — but a lot of it is national pop. It’s just national music. And that’s fine. In particular, the pop music of the Southern states, we could say.”

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To the 48-year-old, traditional country music is something that has a clear definition.

“Country music used to mean that you grew up working hard in the field and you went home Saturday and Sunday nights and listened to Herb Sitter on the radio and listened to the radio shows and dreamed of sounding like that,” Carter Cash told Pop Culture. “And you lived in a rural community and you didn’t own a cowboy hat. You worked too hard to have one. So that’s what country music was, it’s just not that anymore.”

As far as the progression of country music today, Carter Cash isn’t upset. It’s natural for genres to diversify in order to mature and develop.

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