Jon Pardi Doc Released By DISH Network (And It’s Great)

By kncitom on December 13, 2019
photo: Shelly Harrington

Jon Pardi fans can now do a deep dive into his rise to fame which, of course, started in Dixon, where he grew up. As part of a new docu-series from DISH, Jon is profiled this month on “Hometown: Stories That Connect Us” and it is so good. 

Running only about 19 minutes, the special features not only Jon but his mom Shelly and close friends from childhood all talking about the kid he was, and the star he’s become. The filmmakers went to Dixon and shot a ton of footage, including the bar where Jon used to work, Robben’s Department Store-which Jon still hits for shirts and hats when he’s home-and more. Best of all, it’s interspersed with home video of Jon’s life, including some of a young Jon with his late grandmother that will melt your heart. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Check it out here  (This link will take you to the DISH page. Look for the Jon Pardi video frame and simply click it)

Pajama jam! Young Jon always knew what he wanted to do


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