Jon Pardi Makes Man’s Day Who Lost His House In The Lightning Fire

By kncipat on October 12, 2020
Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

No cameras. No press. A small act that made a huge impact. Tim, who lives in Winters, lost his house in the Lightning Fire. Sheriff’s deputies pounded on his door yelling, “You need to get out now!” Can you imagine? Tim, his wife, daughter and granddaughter got out safely but they lost everything. His wife had gone to school with Jon Pardi’s mom and in casual conversation afterwards let Jon’s mom know that her husband was most distraught over losing his 2 cowboy hats. Funny how in such a dire situation you can focus on something like that but it happens. I know because I went through a house fire and you do get to the point where something small but very meaningful takes an emotional place in your focus. 

Jon’s mom let Jon know about the family, the man and the cowboy hats. On his own, without being asked, Jon went out and had 2 custom cowboy hats made for Tim and sent them to him. He didn’t tell anybody. He just did it. To hear Tim’s reaction you’d have thought he won the lottery. 

Jon sent Tim more than just hats. He sent him hope. And what is they say about character? Your true character is revealed when no one is looking. Tim called to let us know what Jon did because he knew Jon would never talk about it. And he wanted to say thank you. We are all thankful Jon. For your music, your heart, and most of all your tremendous example of character. 

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