Jon Pardi’s Mom Shares His Most Memorable Little Kid Meltdown

she also shares a couple adorable photos

By kncitom on April 5, 2019
A young Jon Pardi on a John Deere tractor towing his sister around like a good big country brother should

Earlier this week I saw a toddler lose his mind in a grocery store because his mom wouldn’t let him have …chocolate cake mix. So, we asked on Facebook, what caused your kids’ most epic meltdown and the replies were great, like…

Stefanie: Wasn’t included in a family photo that happened BEFORE he was born
Wendy: I told her she couldn’t be a stripper when she grew up
Sarah: Today it was: couldn’t squish the tomatoes in the shopping cart
Pam: Not allowed to sit in refrigerator
Debbie: Sister was looking out his window
Tara: I took the cap off my water bottle
Jorie: Couldn’t eat the Goldfish cracker he found in the couch
Shelly: My 4-year old couldn’t marry me 
Amy: I looked at her
And there are many more (over 70!) if you want to go to our FB page and check ’em out if you need a laugh (or affirmation as a parent that it ain’t just you)
But maybe our favorite came rolling in after the show, from Shelly in Winters. Shelly happens to be Jon Pardi’s mom.
Before he was one of country music’s hottest young stars, Jon was just a little guy growing up in Dixon, CA. And like a lot of little kids, he didn’t really like the idea of sleeping in his room alone. Click below and hear her hilarious story about her son, this year’s headliner at KNCI’s Country in the Park, and the first time he had to sleep solo.

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