Jon Pardi’s Mom Shelly Talks About What Headlining Country In The Park Means To Her “Baby”

There may not be a prouder mom in America

By kncitom on December 12, 2018
Jon and his mom, Shelly Harrington (Photo by Terry Wyatt/FilmMagic)

Jon Pardi’s mom always calls her son “my baby”, even though he’s now 33 years old and a 6’3 rising country superstar. 

We caught up with Jon’s mom, Shelly, a few days after announcing “her baby” would be headlining KNCI’s 20th annual Country in the Park and as you’d expect, she is…

“So proud. In fact, when I read the article (a blog on our website about Jon)…. I just started crying, because I know how hard he’s worked” she told us. And headlining CITP? “That’s always been a big dream of his, since way back when, geez, he was with Northern Comfort”–which was his local band that he spent time performing with at bars and clubs and down the valley.

Playing California, Shelly said, is different for him than anywhere else.–the crowds are always more receptive to a native son. But she notes, that to get to play in what is basically his hometown, at its biggest locally-produced country music festival…? It’s next level stuff. She gave an example of just how much it means to him from the last time he played CITP, in 2016 when he opened for Trace Adkins and Lee Brice. She said she and Jon’s sister, Ashley, were standing towards the back of the stage while he was performing and…

“we were just watching Jonny, and he was out there…on the catwalk… And just the reaction from the fans…he didn’t want to get off the stage. And he turned back around to come get another guitar and we seen that his lips were quivering and he was almost crying and both Ash and I started crying because we knew…just the emotions that were running through him…(it) was just so awesome and he was just so happy.”

Hear more of our chat with Shelly, including her take on getting to watch Jon write songs with people like Luke Laird and Rhett “Atkins” (it’s Akins but who’s gonna correct her? NOT US!) Just click below and listen to the pride shine through. It’ll make your day! (then get your tickets at either Dimple records or the main page of our website!)




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