Justin Bieber Off The Hook In ‘Sorry’ Vocal Rift Lawsuit

I guess the Biebs doesn’t need to say sorry after all.

By Admin on December 18, 2017
CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 08: Musician Justin Bieber attends a practice round prior to the 2017 PGA Championship at Quail Hollow Club on August 8, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber looks like he’s off the hook on a 2016 lawsuit for stealing a vocal loop for his popular single “Sorry,” per TMZ.

Last year, indie pop singer Casey Daniel aka White Hinterland claimed the single contained “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff,” similar to her 2014 single, “Ring The Bell.”

Here’s what the two sound like:

Justin Bieber – “Sorry”

White Hinterland – “Ring The Bell”

The two apparently worked things out because she filed documents to dismiss the lawsuit. I guess he doesn’t need to say sorry after all.

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