Kacey Musgraves Fires Back At Fan’s Ignorant Comments

Kacey Musgraves didn’t hold back when a fan responded to a video the country star shared of a male fan aggressively grabbing her arm.

By Admin on February 20, 2018
kacey musgraves
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Kacey Musgraves did not hold back responding to a male fan who told her to “grow up” on Twitter.

The country star posted a video on Twitter on Feb. 17 of a male fan aggressively grabbing her arm. She captioned the post:

“ASSHAT ALERT: this guy grabbed onto me hard, shook my arm, and wouldn’t let me go. Guess I’m gonna have to start carrying a rolled up newspaper out there with me.”


According to Taste of Country, a male fan responded to the video, saying:

“Grow up Kacey, it was for a split second.”

Consequently, this resulted in a sharp back and forth between Kacey and the fan. She wrote:

“I come up & hit your balls w/ a sharp ice pick – you fine with it tho it’s for a ‘split second’?You chastise + complain about me calling out a man who physically domineered me. PLEASE unfollow me and PLEASE seek immediate counseling for your chauvinistic rape-culture mentality.”

He replied:

“It happens all the time at concerts.”

Kacey then fired back:

“My god. But really tho. Whoever you are – you’re seriously mentally imbalanced. Just because something ‘happens all the time’ doesn’t mean it’s ok. You shouldn’t have to learn basic life stuff like this from the internet.”

Many other fans who witnessed the interaction came to the singer’s defense. The conversation has since vanished from Twitter.

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