Kane Brown Wants To Give Back To The Community

Kane Brown has worked hard to bring awareness to homelessness and affordable housing. He hopes to contribute towards as many causes as he can.

By Admin on February 23, 2018
kane brown
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Make Room USA)

Given his rough childhood with poverty and abuse, Kane Brown is adamant about giving to good causes. He has worked hard to bring awareness to homelessness and affordable housing.

Kane recently partnered with State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good to help others find causes they can contribute towards, as well. He also went to Washington D.C. to talk about the affordable housing crisis in America, reports Taste of Country. He said of his desire to give back:

“I learned that my upbringing was rough, but there’s other people out there where their upbringing is even worse than mine. It just gives you even more of a reason to want to help. I feel like if you’re in a bad situation and then you see somebody that’s even in a worse situation, you feel for that person. I would give anything to help them out.”

Kane is proud that another way he is able to support others is through his music:

“A lot of people say I inspire them or I’ve helped them – kids who have been bullied in school or parents coming up to me because their kids have been bulliedĀ or anything that they’ve went through. It really touches me. It makes me a better person.”

Although Kane focuses a lot of his efforts on the housing crisis, he doesn’t limit himself to just one cause:

“It doesn’t matter what it is. I would love to help.”

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