Keith Urban Expects 10th Album Out Next Year

He’s not rushing it, and wants to take his time to produce something memorable and meaningful.

By Admin on December 7, 2017
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Since the recent release of “Female,” fans have been wondering when a new Keith Urban album is due.

Urban told Nash Country Daily that he’s been working on the as of yet unannounced album this year:

“I got in the studio to start working on the new album in January of this year. Pretty much as soon as that Ripcord Tour finished, I was in the studio because it takes me the better part of a year-plus working in the studio to make a new album.”

He’s planning a 2018 release, but isn’t rushing to get it done:

“I’m working on [the songs] now, I’m writing, I’m recording. I’ve recorded a lot. I don’t know which ones are going to be on the album yet. The songs tend to tell me that. They did with Ripcord. I recorded maybe 25 songs for Ripcord and the ones that spoke to me were the ones that made the record.

“I have a particular vision in mind. I wish there was an audible version of ‘vision.’ People always say they can ‘visualize’ an album, I say I can ‘audio-lize’ it. I can hear it before it’s finished. So what I try to do is just bring it to life the way I already hear it in my head. But what I also do is stay extremely open to it moving into some other direction. It’s a real balancing act between, is it wandering off this cliff because it’s not being guided by me, or is that where it’s supposed to go in that direction.

“For me, the most valuable thing in making records is time—time to live with the decision, time to live with a song, and to keep feeling good about it before it goes out. Because once it goes out, that’s it. There’s no pulling it back after that.”

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