Kindergartners Insist They Are Twins (heart-melting photo)

By kncipat on November 4, 2019
Photo by Jeff Overs/Getty Images

Myles is 5.  He insists he has a twin although his mother had no idea.  If you have kids you know they’ll pick the worst time to tell you about their school project.  Like, Hey Mom, I need 5 different sized poster boards for my school project……tomorrow.  And it’s 8 at night when they tell you this.  Myles is no different.  He told his mom, Britney, oddly enough at 8 at night, that the next day was twins day at school.  He stopped just short of demanding that his mom get two matching shirts for he and his twin friend at school, Tanner.  Myles mom was not at all happy.  But that’s when Myles said, “We’re exactly the same height, we both have brown eyes, we both have brown hair.  When you look at Tanner it’s like looking at me mom!”  So Britney did the only thing she could do.  She made a quick trip to Walmart and bought the only two identical shirts that she could find in Myles size.  The next morning show dropped Myles off at school along with the extra shirt and sped off to work.  She was tired, late, and not in a good mood.   An hour later Myles teacher sent her this picture of the “twins.”  Myles is on the left and Tanner is on the right.  Myles mom said she spent the rest of the day in tears.  We agree Myles.  You and Tanner are indeed twins.  May we all see the world the way Myles sees it.  



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