Kings New Uniforms Show Sactown Pride

By kncipat on November 7, 2018
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To be honest I haven’t wanted to buy any new Kings merchandise for 10 years.  And that’s sad.  This is Pat and I was a season ticket holder for 14 years.  Since 2003 the team has shot straight downhill.  This new group of guys though are fun to watch.  And they’re winning. They are unveiling new uniforms and I want one (or at least a shirt and hat with this logo).  

For as much as this city, our city, has embraced this team even when there was a below average product on the floor, the team is now embracing the city right back.  Sactown!  Point guard De’aaron Fox loves it and so do the rest of the players.  The Kings are also unveiling a new floor that says Sactown.  It’s a new team, a new arena, a new era and a great new look.  The Kings say you can get the new Sactown jerseys and merchandise starting Friday.  For more head here

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