KNCI Listeners Share Dumbest Things Their Kids Ever Fought About

By kncitom on August 8, 2018

With Back-to-School ramping up, kids can get a little testy, and if they have a sibling, it can get downright ugly real fast. Which is why we asked on Facebook: “What’s the dumbest thing your kids have ever argued over?” And man, we got some great answers. Here are our ten favorite.

Becky: “My sister used to complain that I was breathing her air.”

Sharon: “Fist fight because one had to go to jail playing Monopoly”

Noel: “Who would get the free meal when it was a buy one/get one free.”

Charlene: “Pop tarts. Kids were fighting over them and by the time I came home one afternoon there were 2 holes in 2 doors.. the phone was yanked off the wall it was made worse as I had just gone to see John Denver at Silverado country club and was in the best mood ever! That didn’t last long.”

Deborah: “My dad *stole* my son’s nose at age 4, he had a complete meltdown because Pop-Pop would NOT give it back.

David: “Who’s prettier…. they’re identical twins.”

Tamra: “My brother and I used to fight over who got to sit behind Mom in the car. In hindsight, we were both dumb because that’s the side of the car dad could reach.”

Kelly: “One time on a road trip my daughter starting throwing a fit…she cried, ‘MOM….Timmothy (her brother) is looking out MY window!’ LOL!

Tiffany: “I don’t know what they were fighting over, but my girls were slinging insults at each other, and the younger one couldn’t think of any thing and said, ‘Oh yeah? Well, at least I can drink real milk!’ to her lactose intolerant sister. I about died! 😂😜 I of course responded appropriately and said, ‘Ooooo, BURN!’

And, maybe our favorite….

Debbie: “My daughter cried because her brother took her imaginary dinosaur and wouldn’t give it back. One of the dumbest but also one of my favorites!”

And, next time YOUR kids get into it, you can always try calming things down the way Melinda has started doing…

“…I told my grandkiddos if they chose to argue they all had to sing the chorus of Kenny Chesney’s Get Along. It worked like a charm.

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