Lauren Alaina Turned Her Car Around To Greet Fan

Can Lauren Alaina get any cooler? The country singer apparently turned her car around and jumped a fence just to meet a couple of shy fans.

By Admin on April 24, 2018
lauren alaina
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Thunder USA)

Can Lauren Alaina get any cooler?

A fan, Keleigh Shea, shared an encounter she and her boyfriend had with the country singer at a mini-golf course. The two apparently could not take their eyes off of Lauren, trying to figure out if it was really her. According to Sounds Like Nashville, Keleigh posted on social media:

“I would have to say the coolest part of our night was getting to meet @laurenalaina. We were playing putt-putt golf and I noticed she looked super familiar so I told Tyler to look and of course we kept staring and contemplating if it was actually her or not. She eventually left and we were kinda bummed we missed the opportunity to meet a famous person!”

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The couple was bummed that they missed the chance to meet Lauren, but then something happened that they never expected:

“Then Tyler says ‘umm they turned around and that car is coming back this way…and now she’s walking towards us’ and I of course thought he was joking so I laugh and turn around and she says ‘This is going to be really embarrassing if I’m wrong, but were y’all staring at me?’ I said ‘Yes! You’re Lauren Alaina aren’t you!!!’ Then she literally jumped that fence to take a picture with us. She is so nice and down to earth.”

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