Lauren Alaina Has Virtual Dinner Date With Fan Who Has Autism

By kncipat on April 2, 2021
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

24 year old Brittany asked her 27 year old brother, Ryan, if you could have dinner with any celebrity who would it be? Ryan didn’t hesitate. “I would say country music star Miss Lauren Alaina. She’s a great singer, plus she’s super nice and she’s also super sweet.” A video of Ryan’s response was seen by over 2 million people on Tik Tok. Let’s back up for a second. Ryan and his sister Brittany are closer than most siblings. Ryan has autism. He and his sister do almost everything together including making Tik Tok videos. Ryan is straightforward, honest, and funny. Several of Brittany’s followers (again, she has over 2 million), saw the video and shared it with Lauren Alaina. “I cried watching it. And then I cried watching his reaction and then I cried meeting him. It was just a lot of happy crying,” said Lauren. She was able to set up a virtual dinner date with Ryan through Brittany and the result has, as my son says, all the feels. Right off the bat Lauren says, “Hello Ryan! How are you?” And Ryan, who’s meeting Lauren for the first time, answers with, “Did you know I’m lactose intolerant? I don’t know if I told you that.” The virtual dinner included lots of laughing, Lauren running to her room to put on an Elf costume, and the promise from Lauren that they all would meet in person very, very soon. It also ended with, no surprise, Lauren saying through tears, “I love him. I could not love him more. I’m gonna cry like a weirdo.”  You’re not a weirdo Lauren Alaina. You’re just a very good human. 

The videos of the exchanges between Lauren and Ryan are worth your time…I promise you. Check them out here