Lee Ann Womack Says Today’s Country Music Is ‘Obviously Not Country’

Lee Ann Womack recently went on PBS’ ‘Overheard with Evan Smith’ and revealed that she’s disappointed by the ‘mass-market country music.’

By Admin on June 14, 2018
lee ann womack
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Lee Ann Womack wasn’t afraid to go on the record to say that modern country music isn’t country.

During an interview on the PBS show Overheard with Evan Smith, the country singer said:

“What they call country music now — mass-market country music — is obviously not country music. I don’t know what it is. It’s sort of pop music I guess. I don’t know.”

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Lee Ann posted a clip of the interview on her Instagram with the caption, “Sometimes the truth just sort of slips out …”

She further expanded on her thoughts on the show, reports Taste of Country, saying: “I’m a singer. I love to sing. Country music to me is the greatest. It’s American music. It’s the greatest form of music. It’s beautiful when it’s done well and it’s done right, so that’s my favorite. I don’t worry so much about defining things. I know country music when I hear it.”

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