Lee Brice Sends Ultimate Wedding Gift To 2 Fans Getting Married

Talk about going above and beyond

By kncitom on November 2, 2020
(Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

A KNCI listener named Courtney called us in mid-October to request a song for her upcoming wedding. It was Lee Brice’s I Don’t Dance. Courtney explained that her fiance, Rick, isn’t a country music fan, but he doesn’t mind that song so she was hoping we could dedicate it to him. However, we weren’t able to play it, because it was late in the show that day, and we felt bad kinda about it. Believe it or not, radio DJs have feelings for others. I know. Weird, right? 

So, anyway, we got her information and just for the heck of it, we emailed our boss, Joey Tack, to see if maybe, possibly, he could get Lee Brice himself to shoot a quick congratulations video that we could send along to them. Would be kind of a cool surprise for the couple, but we knew at best, it was a longshot.

Well, over a week went by, Courtney and Rick got married and were on their honeymoon in Alaska. To be honest, we’d forgotten about the video request- like I said, the odds were not in our favor.

But then, this past Friday, we got an email.

It was from Lee Brice.

And it was a big file!

We opened it, and once it downloaded we saw that Lee hadn’t just recorded a simple :10 congratulations to Courtney and Rick. He also did an acoustic version of the whole danged song (All while wearing a hat that says “MEAT”, which is hilariously distracting). 

We sent it off to Courtney, who, still in Alaska, reached out to us and said they were driving through some  mountains when they got the attachment. She said when they saw what it was, they pulled to the side of the road and danced. 

How awesome is that? Huge props to Lee Brice for going above and beyond. And congrats to Courtney and Rick! We hope you guys are slow-dancing with each other in the mountains, or wherever, for decades to come!

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