Let’s Decorate This Veteran’s House For Christmas (How To Help)

By kncipat on November 11, 2019

What better way to celebrate Veterans Day than volunteering to help a veteran!   His name is Jordan Stevenson and he lives right here in Sacramento.  While serving in Afghanistan he was shot in the head.  He returned fire and then passed out.  That happened in December of 2011.  He woke up in February of 2012.  Jordan was left without the use of his right arm and eventually half of his right leg was amputated.  He has slowly worked his way back.  He gets around fine, golfs and enjoys life with his wife and 3 children (ages 10, 3 and 1), but he’s not sure he should be up on a ladder.  So, on Saturday, November 23rd we are going to decorate Jordan’s house for Christmas.  Lights, yard decorations, the full Griswold treatment.  If you can be part of our KNCI Community Crew and help Jordan and his family get their house properly ready for Christmas please sign up here (and thank you).  


Here’s Jordan with Pat (see you on the 23rd!) 

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