Police Shocked After Man Turns Himself In For Killing Someone 32 Years Ago

Police in Longview, Washington may have finally solved the murder of Russell Haines in 1986. Surprisingly, their new lead comes from the man who claims he’s the murderer: Glenn Eric Adams.

By austind03 on July 11, 2018
Murder of Russell Haines, Glenn Eric Adams, Longview, Oregon Way Hotel
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Police in Longview, Washington finally have a lead in the unsolved murder of Russell Haines in 1986. Surprisingly, the lead comes from the man who claims he’s the murderer: Glenn Eric Adams.

According to Fox News, Haines died after someone strangled him in his room at the Oregon Way Hotel in Longview.

However, police never had any witnesses in the case and very few pieces of evidence. With the case going cold over the past 32 years, police didn’t have much hope they’d ever solve the crime.

That is, until Adams recently turned himself into police for the murder, explaining that he wants to “right the wrong that he has done.” Adams told police he ambushed the victim because he knew Haines had a large amount of cash on him and he needed money. After waiting for him to get home from the store, Adams put Haines in a chokehold until he fell unconscious. When he later began waking up, Adams used a cloth tied around his neck to finish the job.

He also revealed that he tried to kill himself before going to the police, and he almost turned himself in for the murder last year but got cold feet.

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Adams explanation of the crime fit what police already suspected, and they quickly arrested him. Sgt. Chris Blanchard also gave a statement to the press regarding the arrest, saying:

“Thirty years in the making, it got solved relatively easily. We didn’t have any suspects that had sufficient evidence to charge at that point. The case was cold for the last 30 years.”

Glenn Eric Adams is now facing first-degree murder and robbery charges. We wish the best to the family of Russell Haines, and we hope this brings them closure.

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