Lori Loughlin Hires A Prison Expert To Help Her Survive Her Time Behind Bars

By Pacey on January 6, 2020
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

Lori Loughlin has allegedly hired “someone who is advising her what to do in case she loses her case and goes to prison”.

Now, the source says that this doesn’t mean she thinks she’s going to lose her case. It’s a “just in case” method if the worst case scenario actually happens.

“The whole point is to have someone tell her how to keep herself safe. She needs to keep a low profile if she’s incarcerated,” the insider added. “Obviously, she’s going to stand out, because of all the publicity and because she’s a star. She can’t do anything about that. But she doesn’t want to stand out because she’s so green that she does the wrong things.”

The source also says that Lori Loughlin is learning “table manners, social interactions” and “eye contact,” which even though is considered a “good thing” in the outside world, it is looked down upon behind bars. “Prison is a very different world than Hollywood, and Lori is just trying to be prepared. She’s preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best,” the source also said.

Other sources have said Lori Loughlin is learning karate, just in case she has to defend herself physically while in prison.

Again, none of this means she is expecting to lose her case, this is a “just in case” situation.

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