Luke Bryan And Thomas Rhett Encouraged Cole Swindell To Perform

Cole Swindell initially didn’t intend to be a performer. He got his start in music as a writer, and didn’t perform until other artists like Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett encouraged him.

By Admin on April 10, 2018
cole swindell
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Cole Swindell initially didn’t intend to be a performer. He started his career in merchandise, then made his way into writing. It wasn’t until three years later that he got serious about performing himself.

Cole told the Boot at a press conference:

“When I moved to Nashville, my first job was merchandise. I was able to be on the road and see how it all goes down, and what a new artist has to do.”

Three and a half years after moving to Nashville, Cole landed his first publishing deal with Sony:

“I didn’t move here to be an artist. I fell in love with the writing part.”

After those three years, some artists like Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett suggested Cole sing his own songs:

“They were like, ‘Why aren’t you trying to sing these?’ So I thought that maybe I should book a show just to see. I remember that first show I did, I was about halfway through when I realized that this was what I was supposed to be doing.

“At that point, I had three years’ worth of songs that I’d been trying to get other people to record, and praying that someone would record them … and who knew that it was me that needed them all along?! That was a big turning point for me.”

Though it was a long process to get to where he is now, he doesn’t regret a thing:

“I moved here thinking I was ready for a record deal, but I would have screwed it up if it happened any sooner than it did.”

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