Carrie Underwood Openers Maddie & Tae Plan To Release Concept Album

Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye, AKA Maddie & Tae, are planning on releasing a concept album before going on tour with Carrie Underwood next year.

By Admin on August 9, 2018
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(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Before embarking on tour with Carrie Underwood next year, Maddie & Tae are planning to release a concept album.

Members Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye have never done a concept record before. They hadn’t planned on making it one while they were writing it, but it fell into place that way.

“Making a concept album for us was so much fun and, actually, unexpected,” Marlow told All Access. “We didn’t plan on making a concept record. It tells a story top to bottom. When we started having meetings to discuss what we wanted the second record to say and what we wanted it to sound like, it just so happened that all of the songs we felt so connected to and gravitated towards were relationship songs, so we thought to tell a story with all of them, since they all hit home for us. So, we rolled with it.”

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The record follows the story of a girl starting a relationship, being in love, then breaking up. Maddie & Tae said that they drew from experiences in their own lives to create this individual story.

“We say that the girl in this record is a combination between Tae and I, because we both went through a lot of different personal struggles, then through our professional struggles together,” Marlow continued. “But, we stayed so close through it all. We combined both of our different experiences from the past two year. We haven’t named the girl in the album yet, but she’s a combination of the two of us.”

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