Man Arrested After Beating His Own Car With A Baseball Bat

So it turns out that you can get arrested for hitting your own car, especially when you do it with a baseball bat after a few drinks.

By DAVID on December 10, 2018
(Photo Credit: Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Well, no, not with another car. This man was arrested after hitting his own car with a baseball bat. I mean, I’ve wanted to do that when my “check engine” light came on while on my way to a SMOG appointment, but still.

So this man was out driving his car when it started acting up. Apparently the car has a history or breaking down, and he had had enough of it. So he pulled over in a parking lot (assuming it wasn’t just broken down there already), and starting beating it with a baseball bat. That’s an unusual site, and it of course got some attention. Witnesses called the police, and they started towards the parking lot. On the way, apparently the car started working again, and police saw it on the road. Once they stopped the man, they found the bat in the passenger seat.

Also in the car, they found an open alcoholic beverage container in the car, and the driver appeared intoxicated. They made their arrest after finding out that he was indeed drunk, and also driving without a license. The man also has a history of OWIs (Michigan’s DUI charge). Police asked him about the bat that was riding shotgun, of course. The man responded by saying he was mad at the car, so he hit it with the bat. Fair enough. He was charged with his 3rd OWI offense, his 2nd driving without a license offense, an open container charge, and a partridge in a pear-tree charge of “habitual offender.” See some more detail on the story here.

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