Man Bowls Perfect Game With Help From Dead Father’s Ashes

By kncipat on April 23, 2021

At first glance this may seem morbid but trust me, it’s heartwarming. John Hinkle, Jr is a two-time NCAA bowling champion. He’s bowled a few perfect games but this one was very, very different. John and his brother Joe practically grew up in bowling alleys. Their father, John Sr, took them all the time. A few years ago John Sr passed away. John Jr took some of his dad’s ashes and had them placed into the thumb hole of a specially made bowling ball. Jr is a two-handed bowler and under PBA rules if you use two hands the thumb hole must be closed or filled in. So it made sense to John Jr that that’s where his father’s ashes should go. On April 12th John Jr took his brother to the bowling alley where their dad first taught them the sport. John Jr held up his new bowling ball which he would be using for the first time and told his brother, “I’m shooting a 300 with this ball.”

John Jr threw strike, after strike, after strike until he needed just 2 more strikes for a perfect game…a 300. He rolled the next ball. Strike!  One left. And as John Jr said, “I had tears in my eyes in the 11th and 12th frames. I couldn’t tell you where the last ball went, I had so many tears I was just throwing it.” Where it went was right in the pocket knocking down all ten pins. John Jr immediately bear-hugged his brother Joe. Both were crying, celebrating. John Jr added, “It’s special. Dad shot 298, 299 but never had a 300. I had goosebumps, chills. He was there.”