Man Claims There Were Snakes In His Pants During Naked Arrest

A man had a run in with some snakes, a quick stripping session, the police, a jail, and then probably a psychiatrist once he sobered up.

By DAVID on May 15, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A man was arrested after being caught running down the road, totally naked. Police say that he appeared to be on drugs, and that he said there were snakes in his pants. Explanation incoming.

A South Carolina man says he was out looking for snakes in the town where he lives. It’s a reasonable thing to do, if you’re into that sort of thing. South Carolina does get a few different kinds of snakes, we can give him that. Copperheads, Cottonmouths, Diamondback Rattlers, etc. Problem was, according to the man, some of the snakes made their way into his pants. That didn’t seem to be a problem (reading his story) until the snakes began biting him on his legs. That’s when the pants came off. Not going to lie, that would probably be my reaction too if a snake got into my pants. However I do try not to get myself into such situations.

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After the man removed his pants, he took off running to get away from the snakes. That’s when people started seeing the man running along the road, totally naked. People called police, police showed up, found the man, and questioned his actions. That’s when he told them his whole snake story, and about how he had to remove his pants and run away. According to police, the man appeared to be on drugs, and asked to go to the hospital. The police did later find his pants by the side of the road, just like he said. Though they found only his pants – nothing else. That means no shirt, no shoes, and no snakes. He was arrested. No word on a toxicology report, but we likely won’t see that anyway. I do feel bad for the officer that had to make the naked arrest though. *shudder*

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