Man Given Fine For His Method Of Towing A Car [VIDEO]

A man was given a fine and points on his license for how he was towing a car, and it doesn’t involve a tow truck or even a rope.

By DAVID on June 6, 2018
(Photo by Abid Katib/Getty Images)

There are a lot of ways to tow broken-down cars. Pull the car onto a trailer, hitch it up and go is a popular method. Calling someone with a bigger rollback truck is another great way to tow a car. We can’t recommend doing it, but some people tie a rope to a car and tow it that way. Other people push. This guy did none of those things.

It happened in China. We have to give the guy some credit though – we’re not sure how he got it there. Props to him for the creativity though, we’ve never seen anything like this before. So, this guy had a car that he just purchased and wanted to get it to a scrap yard. There’s some money in scrapping old, broken, beyond-repair cars, fair enough. He didn’t have a truck though. He didn’t even have another car to try and pull the scrap-car with. He had a motorized tricycle. The motor in that tricycle isn’t the thing you should be concerned about though. Check out the video.

Yes, he carried the car on the back of the tricycle. He didn’t even bother with the rope method, just balanced it and went. Obviously this is illegal, and once police got to him, that was that. The guy was fined $200, and was given 9 points on his licence. Ouch. No word on how much money he got for scrapping the car, but we can imagine after the fine and having to call for a tow truck anyway, he probably didn’t get much for the metal. Check out some more info here.

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