Man Gives Up First Class Seat To 88 Year Old Passenger

By kncipat on January 15, 2020
Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Violet’s 88.  She travels back and forth between London and New York for work.  Yep, at 88 Violet still works as a nurse.  On her latest flight to New York she met Jack.  Before the flight they talked about family, what they did for a living and exchanged stories.  She told Jack that she’d never flown first class and that some day by gosh she would.  She didn’t dwell on it.  It was more of a joke and then the moved on.  Once they boarded Jack and Violet went their separate ways.  About 15 minutes later Jack found Violet and insisted that they change seats.  Jack had a first class ticket .  Violet said no but Jack wasn’t having it.  As Violet took her seat in first class where she was fed first class food and champagne Jack settled into his seat right next to the economy class toilet.  As flight attendant Leah Amy posted, Jack never once winced or complained during the 9 hour flight.  Leah added that when she tucked Violet in after supper was served that it was just a special moment.  Check these pics of Violet in first class and she and Jack together. 

Photos courtesy of Leah Amy

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