Man Late For Flight Calls In Bomb Threat To Delay Plane

When you’re late for a flight, do you: A) Call the airline and try to get on a later flight, or B) call in a bomb scare to delay the flight?

By DAVID on July 23, 2018
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

When you’re late for a flight and you know you’re going to miss it, what do you do? You call the airline and try to get on a later flight, right? Well, not this guy – he decided to delay the entire airport. Not the way to get through life if you ask us.

It happened in Ohio at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. A 40-year-old man was concerned that he was going to miss his flight, and really didn’t want to. He picked up the phone and called in a bomb scare. He said there was a bomb on the flight he was supposed to be on. Obviously the airport cancelled that flight, and the man, Dana Carter, probably thought he was in the clear. A replacement flight was scheduled for a couple hours later, which would have been perfect.

So Mr. Bombthreater would have been able to make his flight, but not before being taken to jail where he’s serving 4 months. That’s a big oops there, buddy. Even the guy’s lawyer admitted that calling in the bomb scare was a “foolish act.” When Dana gets out of prison, he’ll have to pay a $7,700 restitution to the airline, and also he’ll be on a 3-year federal probation. Source.

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