Man In Power Wheelchair Fights Snake, Wins [PIC]

A man on a mobility scooter was seen after an encounter with a snake, and let me just say that the snake didn’t look like it was having a good day.

By DAVID on August 22, 2018
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

This guy is my new hero, really. He’s in a mobility scooter, but didn’t let that stop him from fighting a snake.

There’s not a whole lot on the story other than the picture that David Videcette posted to Twitter. “Just some guy on a mobility scooter, grappling with a snake, as he makes his way along a south London. Street…,” he says. Either way, this guy is braver than me. I saw a little snake in my backyard the other day and couldn’t find a long enough shovel to even attempt to move it somewhere. Then it moved, so I just went back inside for a while. I’m not even sure I have a backyard any more, really.

No matter the case, the snake does look very real to me. But then again that clump of dog hair that blew out from under the couch as I walked by looked like a very convincing rat. No matter the case, this guy wasn’t letting his mobility scooter get in the way. He saw a problem, and apparently handled it, arm outstretched and all. I do wish there was a video though, but the picture is good enough really. Good for you, guy! See more details on the story here.

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