Man Rescued From Well Has Best Ever Reason For Getting Stuck

A man decided to climb into a well shaft, and then climb back out, “just to say he did,” only he couldn’t complete what he set out to do.

By DAVID on October 31, 2018
(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

And by “best ever,” I mean “pretty silly.” A man was rescued from a well, where he got stuck. He went into the well just to say he did, reportedly. He wanted to go spelunking, I guess.

It happened in Florida, which is a phrase we’re all used to hearing by now, I’m sure. The well in question was a stone-lined, 30-foot deep well. A very typical well from which one would retrieve water (or coins). Scott Smoak is the battalion chief with Volusia County Fire Rescue. He was called out to the well very early this morning, making it probably the first call of Halloween. “A lot of people do crazy things, pranks and all that kind of stuff, so we are asking that if you come across anything abnormal, stay away from it, and don’t participate in any type of activities like that,” Scott says.

This guy should have taken that advice. He saw the well and decided that he wanted to go down, “just to say that he did it,” Scott says. The man’s intent was to be able to climb back out, but he “didn’t have the strength to get out.” Thus, a call to the rescue team who spent about an hour in the dark this morning working to pull him from the well. Scott added a sort of PSA while he was doing a media interview after the rescue. He says that, well basically, when you see an open shaft or well, it’s not a good idea to go in. You know, you could get stuck or something. D’oh! Source.

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