Man Rides 200 Miles … On Daughters’ Bike

It was a Plan B after a longer ride was scrubbed due to the pandemic

By kncitom on October 5, 2020

When Wesley Hamnett of Manchester England found out he couldn’t do his planned 1200 mile bicycle ride for charity because of Covid, he still wanted to do something. But, because for a cyclist like himself, he knew if he would have to ride fewer miles, he’d have to come up with something compelling.

And that’s when he thought of his daughters’ bike. Wesley has young twin girls. Their bike is pink, and 12 inch tall, with tassels and a teddy bear zip-tied to the handlebars.

He wasn’t sure he could do it. He wasn’t sure the $26 bike could do it. But they did, making the 200 miles from Glasgow to Manchester in six days. The ride included eight flat tires and going up a 1300 pass which, of course, also meant screaming down a 1300 foot pass. The compilation video of his ride, which you can see here (and includes some of his downhill), will make your knees ache just looking at it.

“I decided to put a tweet out saying if I got 10,000 retweets and £1,000 more in donations for my Russia fund, that I would do the ride on my daughter’s bike” he told London’s The Daily Mirror (you can read more here).

The day before the deadline, he reached his target.

Wesley says he still plans to do the longer ride once the pandemic is over.

And on a bigger bike.





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