Man Steals $50k, Gets Puppy, New Teeth, And Fresh Mugshot

A guy used a couple stolen identities to buy nearly $50,000 worth of things, including a $10k puppy, and a fresh new smile.

By DAVID on November 21, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

What would you do if you had a spare 50-grand kicking around? This guy came into $50k after stealing it, and decided to get some new teeth, and a puppy. A puppy would definitely be on my list, not going to lie. Though, a $10,000 puppy probably wouldn’t be on my radar.

A man in Florida stole someone’s identity. He used that stolen identity at a dentist’s office. The guy didn’t just have his teeth cleaned, or even whitened. He had them totally replaced. The fresh new smile cost right around $40,000, and probably helped the dentist pay for his new Porsche. Next, after getting those great new teeth (seriously, check out that mugshot), the man wanted a puppy. He didn’t just go down to the animal shelter, nope; he tracked down a specific breed. A French Bulldog, to be exact. He plopped 10-grand down on the table, and got to take the dog home from the breeder.

Naturally, the law caught up to the man. He made several large withdrawals at various banks in the area, which probably raised a red flag. Also, the police were able to obtain some fingerprints from the paperwork that was filed at the dentist’s office. The stolen identity came from an 80-year-old man, whose information was found on the “dark web.” There was another identity used to get the cash for the puppy as well, so there’s at least two counts of that right there. The guy is sitting in jail now, and the financial institutions are going after him for repayment. See some more details here.

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