Man Stops Fire On Pier By Peeing On It

A man is being credited for stopping a fire on a pier at the beach, because he really had to “go,” if you know what I mean.

By DAVID on July 31, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. A man in the UK is getting credit for stopping a fire on an old wooden pier on the beach.

Thomas was with his girlfriend taking their young daughter to the beach. They were walking on the pier close to closing time when he noticed a fire. The pier is made out of wood, obviously, and on top of that it’s very dry. You know what happens when dry wood goes up in flames. Well, apparently Thomas really needed the bathroom, so he got a genius idea. “I was worried about getting trapped by the flames with my ­partner and baby… But I had a full bladder so I felt confident,” he says.

Yeah, you guessed it. He started relieving himself right there on the fire on the pier. And thankfully, his full bladder did the trick pretty well. “The only problem was the wind was pretty strong. After one failed attempt, I got down on to my knees and put out the flames to save the day. The firefighters called me a hero,” Thomas added. I don’t know how one goes from “failed attempt” to putting out a whole fire that was of concerning size. I wonder how badly this guy really had to go. “He even dropped to his knees to make sure none of his wee was wasted,” says the original article.

The pier officials say that the pier was equipped with a fire sprinkler system after being destroyed by a fire in 2005. They say that the sprinklers would have handled the situation, but they offered him and his family a free visit anyway. Also, the fire in this case was caused by a cigarette. Those little things can do some serious damage. Anyway, check out more on the story over here. Including a funny picture of Thomas “recreating” the extinguishing of the blaze.

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