Man Tries To Evade Police By Swimming Into Small Lake

A man, in an attempt to flee police, thought that swimming into the middle of a lake would be the best route for his getaway.

By DAVID on June 12, 2018
(Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images)

If you’re going to make a great escape, try not to do it in such a way that traps you. This guy was trying to escape capture from the police, and decided that swimming into a small lake would be a better way than running away.

The guy had just attacked someone with an axe (don’t worry, he’ll be ok). This happened in the middle of the afternoon as well, so it’s not like the guy could just hide in the shadows or something either. Police arrived on the scene and quickly found the guy. Rather than just surrendering, or at the very least try to run off to get away, he swam into the lake. There is a small island in the middle of that lake, and he stayed there for a while. Apparently he got bored waiting there, and decided to swim again. Maybe the police were able to get to the island, who knows.

Let’s talk about swimming for a second. You usually have to be in really good shape to swim around for an extended period of time. Even the best athletes get exhausted quickly when they’re constantly swimming. What happens when you’re swimming and get exhausted? You need to rest for a while. Where can you rest when the lake you’re swimming in is surrounded by police who want to take you into custody? Well, the edge of the lake, of course. He finally gave up, and swam to shore. Firefighters had to hose him off before police could take him into custody. We bet they enjoyed that. See a little more info on the story here.

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