Maren Morris Talks About The Success Of Her Single ‘Rich’

Maren Morris talks about the immense success behind her fan-chosen single, ‘Rich,’ which was her follow up to ‘I Could Use a Love Song.’

By Admin on February 12, 2018
maren morris
(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Target)

Maren Morris decided to let fans choose the follow up single to “I Could Use a Love Song.”

Maren told CMT:

“‘Rich’ feels like the perfect, confident, laugh-the-B.S.-off-with-your-friends kind of song to go into spring with. More importantly, ‘Rich’ is the first time we’ve really let fans pick the single, so it was a no-brainer to make it my final single from HERO.”

She recalls the early days of playing “Rich” for crowds:

“I remember from the first headline tour I did over a year ago. Everyone in the crowd was singing the chorus so loud that I was completely stunned.

“From the Bowery in New York City to Shepherds Bush Empire in London, my fans grabbed ahold of ‘Rich’ and never let go. So I wanted my debut album to go out with a bang! This is for them.”

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