McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Classic Toys For Their 40th-Anniversary Of Happy Meal

By Pacey on November 4, 2019
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 22: A sign is posted on the exterior of a McDonald's restaurant on April 22, 2015 in San Francisco, California. McDonald's reported a decline in first quarter revenues with a profit of $811.5 million, or 84 cents a share compared to $1.2 billion, or $1.21 a share, one year ago.
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you were a kid any time in the late 20th century, there’s a good chance you were like me and looked forward to the new kid’s meal toys every single week.

I remember I tried to collect every single Looney Tunes toy from McDonald’s, but we were broke so most of the time I had to settle for one or two, if that.

Some of the retro toys returning include: Fireman McNugget, McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird, Cowboy McNugget, Hamburger Changeable transforming toy, Hamburglar and Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable.


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