Meditation, Not Medication, Has Helped Brett Eldredge Deal With Anxiety

By kncitom on September 21, 2018

If you struggle with anxiety…you’re not alone. Millions of others do too…including one of the last people on earth you’d expect: Brett Eldredge.

In a very honest and revealing interview with an ABC News feature called 10% Happier, Brett–who is one of the most animated, upbeat people on the planet–admitted that he has struggled big-time with anxiety since he was a kid.

He says he used to have panic attacks so bad he would take himself to the emergency room and as a young singer starting out, he had moments of overwhelming self-doubt, often just before going out onstage (including one time he nearly passed out and had to sit down….as he was being introduced!)

Brett says since he’s been able to identify what the problem is, he’s been able to cope with it, especially since he’s gotten into meditation. Good on Brett for talking about an issue a lot of us can relate to. Read more about Brett’s struggles and how he’s overcome them, here 

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