Screaming Meghan Markle Fans Run Right Past Blake Shelton

While Blake Shelton was shopping in a grocery store in Sherman Oaks, a horde of shrieking teen girls ran towards him… then right past him.

By Admin on May 10, 2018
blake shelton
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Blake Shelton was a little surprised when a horde of shrieking teens came running right towards him. Turns out, however, they were there for Meghan Markle, not him.

A witness told Radar Online with a laugh:

“The girls weren’t screaming for Blake — they were die-hard fans of Meghan Markle!”

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The funny thing is… the future Duchess wasn’t even there. The girls were at the market to see Humphrey Yogart, a fro-yo shop that Meghan worked at as a teenager. The source continued:

“They were determined to see where the American princess once blended soft serve for tips. The teens didn’t care about Blake at all!”

It’s okay, Blake. For what it’s worth, we’d totally cause a scene in a grocery store for you.

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