Have You Met Brad’s “Older Brother” Gary Paisley?

By Admin on October 8, 2018

Brad Paisley played a benefit concert Saturday night in Los Angeles called “Cancer for College”, a fundraiser put on by Will Ferrell to help cancer survivors get a secondary education.  Part of the evening featured an “all-star band” headed up by Brad, and also featuring musicians from Guns -n- Roses, Pearl Jam, the Dave Mathews Band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But, as their set began, things got a little momentarily tense when Brad’s drunken “older brother” “Gary” somehow managed to crash the stage

Yep, that’s actually the evening’s host, Will Ferrell, doing what he does best, riffing while shirtless (seriously, is there any other comedian who relies more on taking his shirt off for laughs? Not that we’re opposed…it IS funny, so)

And that wasn’t all: “Gary” stayed onstage and helped the band with their rendition of the Van Halen classic “Hot for Teacher”. I’m not sure “Gary” had all the words correct, but Brad definitely nails that tasty guitar lick.

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