Michael Jordan Used To Hit A Chicago Gym For Pickup Games During His Prime

By kncipat on June 18, 2020
Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

Can you imagine walking into your local gym to play a little basketball and suddenly you’re teammates with Michael Jordan? That happened repeatedly at a downtown Chicago club in 1993 and 1994. Michael Jordan walked away from basketball during his prime to give baseball a shot. During that time though the greatest player ever was still playing in basketball games at the Athletic Club at Illinois Center. So regular guys were getting a run in with Michael Jordan. If that were me I’d be telling EVERYBODY! Cameras were not allowed while Michael was playing but a few guys on the sidelines hid them under their coats and snuck video. Check that out here.  Sports Illustrated did an in depth article about the games and some of the guys who got to play with and against him. It’s kind of like the chapter that wasn’t included in ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” Read it here

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