Michael Ray Initially Didn’t Realize Carly Pearce Was Flirting With Him

Michael Ray admitted in a recent interview that Carly Pearce was the one who did all the legwork when it came to the initial flirting.

By Admin on July 23, 2018
michael ray
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Michael Ray didn’t pick up on the signals when Carly Pearce first started flirting with him.

“She did all the work,” Ray admitted. He continued to say that it was Pearce who started direct messaging him on Instagram “pretty heavily.”

“I don’t know if it’s a guy thing, but I don’t catch on to hints worth crap,” He said. “I was also afraid to be like, ‘I think she’s into me,’ because I want to see her again. So if she’s not into me, and I go in thinking she is, that’s weird.”

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The two have been dating for a while, but just recently came out publicly with the news. Rumors first started flying on July 18 when they flirted on Ray’s Instagram comments. At the time, he stayed mum about their relationship when he was asked about it at a press meeting.

“When it comes time to talk about the dating life, it will come out,” he told reporters, according to Taste of Country. “She’s a great girl and I think that she’s an incredible person. Right now everything on both ends are about both our singles and both our music, and it’ll come out. She’s great, I’m a big fan. I’ll leave it at that.”

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