Minor League Baseball Announcer Pens Emotional Tribute To Lost Season

We miss our Rivercats!

By kncitom on July 1, 2020
(Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images)

We read this on the air this morning. It was posted on the Twitter account of Josh Suchon, who is the play by play announcer for the Triple A Albuquerque Isotopes. It totally gets to the heart of what makes minor league baseball so magical, and why, of all pro sports, the cancellation of it may hurt the most. It’s been edited for brevity but if you’d like to see the full, unedited thread, just click here 

“It’s the place where the fans don’t know the players names, but still want their autograph. It’s the place for first jobs for teenagers, first career jobs for college grads, and last jobs for retired people. 

It’s the place where you give a baseball to somebody cute, go on a first date, where marriage proposals occur, parents bring their young kids because they know it’s safe … and grandparents get the biggest cheers on the Kiss Cam. 

It’s the place where the majors get their best ideas – walk-up songs, kids running the bases, youth skills clinics, night games, fireworks, theme nights. Yes, they all originated in the minor leagues, eat nachos from a souvenir helmet, and get cheap beer when the Designated Beer Batter strikes out. 

It’s the place where players chase their Major League dreams, cry when they don’t make it, and cry harder when they do.  

It’s the place where anything was possible … except playing baseball in a global pandemic. 

In 2021, MiLB will return but it won’t be the same. About 42 teams will be unwillingly contracted. Some otherwise successful minor league teams will go bankrupt.  

We’ve known today was coming for a long time. It still absolutely sucks. It’s natural to be sad for what we’re losing this season. Having a good cry helps. Cherish your memories. Make new memories. And please, wear a mask”. 


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